Our history of 70 yearsSHINKO NAME PLATE HISTORY

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It all started from curiosity.

About 70 years ago.
After WWII, when Japan started to follow foreign trends,
there was a young man interested in fashion who sold hats in department stores.

The young man thought imported hats were too expensive for ordinary people,
so he decided to learn press technology to create cheaper hats by himself.

At the time, hats were made by covering wooden models with fabric,
steaming it, and applying pressure with a sandbag.

While working as a salesman and engineer at "Ohya Nameplate",
the young man was wondering if he could apply this press technology to create something else.

1947Shinko Nameplate Co. Ltd
was born.

As reconstruction and economic development rapidly progressed,
needs for metal nameplates attached to heavy machinery for construction increased.

"This is it!" the young man founded "Shinko Nameplate manufacturing factory"
and manufactured metal nameplates by applying the press technology used for creating hats.
It was when the young man, founder Akiyama Shigeo was 30 years old.

1967Struggling with adversity,
challenging uncharted areas.

20 years later.
Metal processing based on press technology enabled our company to manufacture calculator panels,
automobile emblems, wheel caps, etc. At the same time,
contaminated water generated by metal processing became a social problem.

The industry started to face tough situations.
Shinko Nameplate had no contaminated water cause,
but was forced to install expensive purification equipment.

Second president Katsuhiko Akiyama anticipated
that the criticism against the metal processing market will become more severe,
so he decided to reproduce the appearance of metal with plastic.
He started research with current Chief Executive Director Onozawa
who was one of the core members at that time.

1995What metal can do,
resin can do.

"What metal can do, resin can do."
It was a big challenge for Shinko Nameplate to apply their accumulated metal press technology to resin mold.
They had strong beliefs in their hearts towards the challenge in an uncharted territory.

Research was a repition of trial and error.
They incorporated new ideas from other manufacturers,
and kept installing new equipments without hesitation.
They never cut corners in research and development.

"Alright, perfect."
A new molding technology was born after many trial and errors in 1995.
Using a noncontact laser cutting machine,
they were able to seperate the circumference of a plastic sheet containing several products.

1997As light and thin as possible.

As resin molding established,
they founded a technical center in Sagamihara city in 1997.
They also researched a plastic card with an built-in IC chip,
which enabled them to develop an ultra-thin resin molding technology.

At the same time, a manufacturer discussed us if they could make an emblem for a mobile phone.
It was a mobile phone which enabled users to use a service called "i mode"
with a surface with a plastic panel.
Manufacturers wanted it as thin and light as possible.

Onozawa had knowledge to process thin resin,
so the solution was facile."Alright,
leave it to us." His answer was crystal clear.

The first machine of "i mode" with a brilliant panel was born.

2002Looking ahead of the future,
to challenge ourselves.

In 2002, we began production of emblems and parts ahead of the golden age of digital cameras.
In parallel, we anticipated the spread of keyless entry for automobiles and strengthened sales activities.
Our anticipation to manufacture products enabled us to earn emblem orders from major manufacturers.

In the following year, a certain automobile manufacturer was working on
"Collision safe system compatible emblems" and we had the privilege to participate in research.
Since then, we began the development of "Millimeter wave radar transmission emblems".
Although made of metal, the emblems do not affect millimeter wave radiation.

2007Emblems became
"Eyes for human safety"

In 2007, Naoki Akiyama took office as the third President.
"Millimeter wave penetration technology"became more sophisticated,
and emblems evolved into "Eyes for human safety".

"Millimeter wave radar transmission emblems" started to receive orders worldwide,
and Shinko Nameplate founded offices all over the world including our factory in Thailand.

2017Pursuing technology

We will never stop pursuing our technology.
The accumulation of technolgy,the strong belief to never give up is in all of our hearts.
We will always look steps ahead, and our challenge will go on.

We represent company pride with our spirit.
Shinko Nameplate Co., Ltd. celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017.

Passion for manufacturePhilosophy

Our prospective view responds to demands several steps ahead. Chief Executive Director Tetsuya Onozawa

We will foresee demand,
manufacture beforehand.

The cause of our growth is our ability to anticipate the market and manufacture products. We had already developed emblems before the golden age of pagers and personal computers. We have also worked on digital cameras and automobile keys before market expansion. We consistently research and manufacture products clients would demand, to earn high satisfaction.

Our technologies continue to evolve.

We differentiated ourselves by applying our technologies into completely novel and epocal ones. At first, we applied our metal processing technology to resin mold. Soon we were able to manufacture lighter and thinner products such as the "Millimeter-wave penetrating emblem". We expanded our business by developing new technologies that manufacture products only we can make.

When you meet your limit, that's when you find a breakthrough. General Technical Manager Kazuo Matsushita

Adopting new ideas without hesitation.

The breakthrough of our technology was our idea to change our presswork into laser cutting. The cause was our consideration to disconnect products efficiently. At first, laser cutting machines were difficult to operate. However, we acquired ideas from new companies without hesitation, continued trial and error until we finally established a novel laser cut technology that could disconnect the whole circumference of a plastic sheet containing several products.

We have found the keys to
from many failures.

It took a lot of effort to create technologies that were the first in the world. At first, we were only able to create 5 succeeded products out of 100 because of the product difficulty.We constantly researched the 5 products until we were able to manufacture the same quality. There were times when manufacturing was severe,however,we continued to challenge ourselves. As a result, we were able to produce a one in the world technology, the "Millimeter-wave penetration technology". It's no exaggeration to say that our products came from numerous trial and errors.

We will, no matter what. General Sales Manager Mitsuo Yoshida

We sales and engineers
manufacturing by
with each other.

Clients are always sensitive to trends. It is not a can or cannot, it is a must for us to manufacture novel products to satisfy customer needs. Our sales and engineers have worked together to proceed manufacture. Our main motives are to create new products exceeding our clients expectations.

We believe in our intuition,
and promote our business.

When I took over automobile business from Executive director Onozawa, I came up with a sales strategy. Nowdays, keyless locking systems are ordinary-equiped, but in the past, they used to be an paid service. I was confident that this system will soon expand so I decided to provide key emblems that could penetrate radio waves having features such as metalic brilliance. This idea was a hit, and as of today, various automobile companies domestic and foreign order our key emblems.

Future perspectives.Vision

To create a safe and reliable future through manufacture. President and Chief Executive Director Naoki Akiyama

To represent a company with history

It is my 10th year since I took over my father's business.To be honest, it was difficult for me to advance forward because I had many things to think about such as responsibility, and managing the company. However, my colleagues and co-workers supported me, and I was able to acquire many experiences as president. As of today, our business based on "Millimeter-wave penetration" has expanded world-wide.

Even if other automobile
parts fade,
emblems will never.

There are drastic changes in the automobile market, for example, makers developed automobiles with automatic operation and automobiles without engines. As automobiles change, some parts may become unnecessary, but I believe that emblems will never fade away because they stand as a symbol for automobile makers. Since emblems represent automobile manufacturers, we must continue to create them at the highest quality we could. Our passion to make "One in the world" products lead us to clear high standards and satisfy various demands."Millimeter-wave penetration technology"is proud to say, a product of our passion.

To become a centenary
to contribute to society

Being supported by our clients,co-workers, all persons involved, Shinko Nameplate Co.Ltd celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017. Thanks in large part to all of your support. We celebrate our 70th anniversary as a passing point to become a cententary company. As one, we are willing to sophisticate and upgrade our technology to contribute to society through manufacture.