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As a basic policy of compliance, we aim to ensure that officers, employees, etc. comply with the laws and regulations and always act with correct ethics in all occasions of business. To ensure social trust, we believe in fair and open corporate activities, as compliance is one of the most important point of our business. In addition, to ensure thorough compliance, we have set forth basic principles of compliance activities as follows, and are working on various activities systematically.

President Declaration

Through various circumstances, in every occasion of business, our President will strictly comply with the laws and regulations, will not act in violation of it, and will take responsibility for thorough compliance, declaring it to inside and outside of the company.

Self Inspection

To attain thorough compliance, we check the status of compliance for employees in all divisions of our head offices and bases every year, and investigate any violation of laws even if only a concern. If a problem is found, we take strict measures to correct it and prevent recurrence.

Law education and common recognition

We conduct study sessions on compliance regularly and continuously.We inform all workers of our company when regulatory laws are established or when we have established internal regulations.

In case of misconduct

In the case of misconduct by an officer or an employee, we will clarify his or her responsibilities according to the law or internal regulations and strictly apply punishment.