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Management Philosophy

We promise to do a better job to meet the client's satisfaction, and to get wealth to give it back to society.

President's Message

we will keep supplying good quality products. Shinko Nameplate Co., Ltd. President Naoki Akiyama

Our corporation firm is "To consistently supply high quality products". We have leaded domestic automobile and appliance markets since 1947.

To benefit and satisfy our customers, we will strive to work on product quality, deadline, environment, and cost.

In order to do so, we are constructing systems for production control, adopting new machineries and processes.

The drastic changes of recent management environment around us have a big effect on the divergency of customer's product values. We believe that our mission is to understand customers demands which are products and services with high-added value.

We have branches in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and the United States. We are capable of responding to various product demands worldwide.

Our company has been operating for over 70 years. We will continue to develop our business as a domestic manufacturer of resin molded accessories. Our manufacture is based on the accumulation of customer trust, research, development, and sales strategy which are proudly to say, our strengths.

We look forward to your guidance and support.


  • 知 We "Know" the elements nessecary for manufacture: Knowledge, Naturality, Observance, Wisdom.
  • 機 "Opportunity" and "Machinery". The fusion of human power and technology enables us to make more sophisticated products.
  • 遊 The essense of "Playfulness"gives us unique ideas.
  • 人 Having diversity, we face the same direction. Our various specialties produce infinite possibilities.