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Advanced Technology

By utilizing physical vapor deposition technology which we have accumulated over years, we have established a radio wave penetrating emblems compatible with vehicle and pedestrian recognition systems which are used for safe driving support. Our radio wave pentetrating emblem cases for keys have features such as smooth textures, brilliance, sharpness, and luxuriousness. Our technology enables us to produce a mass of high quality products.


Advanced Equipment

We possess numerous molding machines compatible with any size including our optical electric molding machine which expresses brilliance and clearness. Our equipment include vapor deposition machines which enable shortened cycles for production. We also carry laser-cutting machines which cut the whole circumference of a plastic sheet containing several products and laser-marking machines which exfoliate coatings to print letters and designs. We are confident to satisfy clients demands with our technology.



In order to respond quickly to customer's problems and needs, our factories both domestic and foreign share quality information to improve initial review and lead time.We have established a system that allows immediate response when problems occur to minimize influence.


Quality Management

In our factories, our workers are educated quality control precisely. We inspect our products during every proccess, and also inspect when shipped. We manage quality from the initial flow, perform double inspection to be thorough. In addition, every incoming material in each process must have a certification and our inspection. In case of emergency we thoroughly investigate the cause and give feedback to our employees quickly.


Offices Overseas

Our production base in Thailand is shared various information of manufacture and quality from offices all over the world. Our quality manual has acquired international standard certifications such as ISO/TS16949,AIAG(Automotive Industry Action Group), and VDA(Verband Der Automobillindustrie). We will continue to update our quality manual to meet clients demands.